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Housing & Homelessness

Housing and rent prices continue to rise faster than wages can keep up, and more and more families are spending up to half of their income on housing costs. This puts people at greater risk of falling into homelessness, especially seniors, people with disabilities, and low-wage workers. Our businesses struggle to grow when families have so little left over after housing costs. The housing affordability crisis affects families across Thurston County, and requires a multi-faceted solution. As a proven coalition-builder to help address Thurston County’s housing needs, I am ready to act now for a comprehensive approach.

To address the housing crisis, we must increase housing options, provide assistance to prevent families from falling into homelessness, and strengthen protections for renters. We need strong support from the Legislature to create abundant housing by investing in the Housing Trust Fund, increasing opportunities for first time home buyers, and increasing housing for working families and low-income renters. We need increased funding for supportive housing and renter protections to prevent folks from losing their homes because of temporary setbacks. We also need to allow greener, less expensive homes in transit and job corridors.

Homelessness is a growing issue across the state, and especially in Thurston County. As a city councilmember I have taken steps to address this public health crisis by leading the Home Fund campaign to create affordable housing for vulnerable residents, supporting efforts to create tiny house villages, and safe camping spaces. I served on the Association of Washington Cities legislative committee for housing and human services advocated in the legislature for increased support for cities to address homelessness. The state of Washington must treat homelessness as a public health and moral crisis. I will advocate at the state, county, and local levels for increased support and sustainable funding solutions to end homelessness.

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