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An Equitable Tax System

In Thurston County the lack of ample housing has raised rents and home prices faster than many can afford, leaving many families spending well more than a third of their income on housing.

On top of this, Washington is home to the most regressive tax system in the United States. This regressive tax structure is inequitable and has a disproportionate impact on working class families and low wage workers. It constrains local and state revenue, decreasing our ability to provide an adequate safety net, foundational public health services, education funding, investments in our aging infrastructure, and other essential programs that benefit all Washingtonians. We need a sustainable and equitable tax system that provides us the opportunity to fund these vital services and doesn’t push the cost onto the shoulders of working people.

We can create a more equitable, sustainable tax system by increasing taxes on capital gains, pass through business profits, mansions and high value real estate, and adding an excise tax on unreasonably high salaries. In addition, we should invest in the Washington working families tax credit to provide money back to working Washingtonians. Additionally, we should amend the state constitution to allow for income-based property tax credits or rebates for low income households and a progressive income tax.

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