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Climate Change & the Environment

The science is clear. We must reduce our carbon emissions to respond to climate change, and this will require state investment in long-term clean energy solutions. Which is why I was honored to vote yes on the climate commitment act, establishing a comprehensive plan to reduce carbon pollution and achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions in state law.

With transportation responsible for nearly half of our climate and air pollution in Washington, I was proud to vote in support of the Clean Fuel Standard to provide clean fuel choices and curb pollution from transportation. 

We rely on the Puget Sound for healthy food, clean water, and recreational opportunities. Its health is vital to our state’s economy, quality of life, and culture of coastal native people. It is essential that we preserve and protect it.

Puget Sound recovery efforts require increased state investment to prevent pollution from urban stormwater runoff, protecting and restoring habitat and species like our endangered Orca population, supporting healthy water quality and a thriving species and food web.

In addition, we must adapt our land use policies to prioritize infill housing options to ensure the efficient use of infrastructure, reduce sprawl and increase access to transit.



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