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Reproductive Healthcare & Justice

The decision to overturn Roe is a radical, dangerous opinion that will harm women and people who can become pregnant.

It also puts in jeopardy other constitutional protections like the right to privacy, same sex marriage and access to contraception.

This decision is a direct attack on our bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom, and economic justice. We know, abortion will not go away, but safe and legal abortion will.

While this decision will impact millions of Americans, it will disproportionately impact people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and those with limited economic resources. 

In Washington, safe abortion will remain legal, & we welcome those seeking access to reproductive healthcare.

I will fight to uphold & strengthen reproductive healthcare in Washington & protect access to safe and legal abortion.

This includes added protections for medical providers, shielding them & patients from other states penalties for abortion, increasing patient privacy protections, enshrining the right to abortion in our constitutional & increasing reproductive healthcare access.

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